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Kitchen activities and cooking - little children love to participate in the meal preparation. Our kitchen helper makes the little ones feel a bit like an adult.

Your child loves to help in the kitchen or needs to reach for the sink in the bathroom or countertop, and is not able to yet? Kitchen helpers allow children to participate in such activities in a safe way. Your child can develop manual skills and accompany you in everyday life activities.

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The ball pit is a wonderful toy for young children. Kids love to jump between colourful balls for hours every day, so the toy is used very intensively. Although we guarantee the highest product quality, the parent also has an obligation to care for the toy properly to avoid premature wearing out of the product. Below you can find useful tips to help you keep the foam ball pit in top condition.
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The best gift ideas for toddlers and kids
We know how difficult it is to choose the right toy for a child. That is why we have put together some of our educational and soft toys according to the child's development. We hope this helps you decide on the best gift for your little one.
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The best gift for the first birthday
Your child will soon be celebrating their first birthday, but you have no gift ideas for this special day? A baby's first birthday is a great opportunity to offer the best toys adapted to a child's needs and its development level. What can be given as the best present?
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The best activity toys for kids

Toys should not only be for fun but also they should help the child's development. Now it is not so easy to find a good quality, safe toys which will provide joy and help kids to learn new skills. Sometimes it can be hard for parents to choose the proper activity toys. There are milions of suppliers, manufacturers, styles and designs after all.

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