Kitchen Helpers

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An irreplaceable kitchen helper

The kitchen helper can be easily described as a stool with a step. However, anyone who has encountered this design is well aware that it is so much more! This type of furniture is gaining more and more popularity every year, and its values ​​are already appreciated by parents almost all over the world.

It is worth mentioning that a kitchen helper for children should be functional and solid. At KiddyMoon, we have combined all the necessary aspects to ensure your child is as safe as possible! In addition, each structure has been thoroughly tested by an external laboratory for stability and the use of appropriate materials (including the safety of varnishes and paints in accordance with European EN-71 standards).

It is so much more than just a stool with a step - it is a well thought-out design

Every parent knows that children are very eager to participate in preparing meals together. However, kitchen worktops are usually not adapted to be used by children. That is why the kitchen helper has become so popular - it means that the youngest can easily participate in various activities (not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom!) - just like adults.

As KiddyMoon, we realize that such a piece of furniture should not only be practical, but above all, it must guarantee the safety of children. Children are most often volcanoes of energy, and they are likely to be on the move and active when cooking together. 

So we made sure that our kitchen helper was as functional as possible:

  • we offer kitchen helpers for children which can be easily assembled, and for their construction we used durable metal bolts and nuts.
  • our helpers have adequate protection of the base, which prevents the structure from tilting sideways, even when the child rests the entire weight on one side,
  • they have reinforced base and poles, and the edges have been specially grounded
  • KiddyMoon helpers are intended for children from 18 months to 7 years of age, for smaller children we offer more closed models with walls around which have an adjustable floor, thanks to which you can easily adapt them to the child's height, and the furniture itself will serve your toddler for a long time. 

Learning Tower by KiddyMoon

However, our kitchen helpers for children are not only about precision, quality and safety. The KiddyMoon store offers a large selection of colours and models at affordable prices. We believe that every parent will find a piece of furniture that will perfectly fit not only every interior design, but above all, will suit the tastes and needs of users.