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Toys that will entertain your little one whilst encouraging creativity and supporting proper development!



Gross motor skill activities for babies and toddlers
Gross motor skills require whole-body movement and include the controlling of your little one’s large muscles, such as those in their arms, legs, and torso. But, what are these skills so important and what gross motor skill activities are ideal for babies and toddlers?
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The benefits of sensory play for toddlers

From the moment they enter the world, babies use their senses to explore and understand their environment. The need to develop these senses only increases as they grow into toddlers, which is where the idea of sensory play comes in.

In this blog, we explain the ins and outs of sensory play and how it can support your child as they continue their development.

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Are you looking for toys that will entertain your little one whilst encouraging creativity and supporting proper development?

You've come to the right place!

At KiddyMoon, we believe explorative toys are key to developing creative thinking, promoting adventure, and encouraging your little ones to expand their imagination, letting it run free.

Our range of soft play indoor play equipment is also designed to aid both their fine and gross motor skill advancement through active play - helping them to develop their cognitive and physical skills through play.

Why choose KiddyMoon for indoor play equipment?

We are a trusted and established provider of baby and toddler toys, striving to offer the most fun, durable, and robust products on the market. We pride ourselves on stocking exciting toys that will keep little ones entertained for many years to come.

At KiddyMoon, your child's safety is imperative to us, which is why durability and safety are our top priorities when designing our range of engaging toys.

All the children's toys and furniture we stock are made from non-toxic materials, and meet European safety standards. This means you can rest assured your child and their friends can safely enjoy indoor playtime.

Additionally, our high level of customer service is unmatched, with our team on hand to assist our customers whenever they need a helping hand. Read our thousands of reviews to see why they come back, time and time again.

Baby and Toddler Toys

A wide range of exciting toys for your kids.

At KiddyMoon, we can promise that your child will thoroughly enjoy our engaging toys and play equipment. Choose between our wide range of colourful ball pits, walkers, indoor foam playgrounds, slides, and much more for your child to revel in all day long.

Whether they enjoy the gentle movement of their new rocker or the story creation that comes with pop-up tents, there's something fun for all babies and toddlers.

We also offer indoor traditional playground equipment for older children, such as wooden climbing apparatuses which help to enhance playtime for your little munchkin as they get stronger.

Toys for Motor Skills Development

Your child’s early years are when they start developing important fine and gross motor skills. So, we're proud to say many of our products come with the fantastic 2-in-1 benefit of providing plenty of fun whilst aiding your child's development.

Gross motor skills

Playing, climbing, rolling, grasping, and crawling are all physical activity exercises that promote muscle growth, strength, and balance - essentials as your little one grows.

Our range of quality children's indoor play equipment includes climbing frames, slides, rockers, and balance boards to encourage their gross motor skills, balance, and coordination abilities.

Fine motor skills

While toys that improve gross motor skills are essential in the physical development and coordination among children, incorporating toys that target fine motor skills such as walkers, ball pits, and kitchen helpers, are just as important - furthering their hand-eye coordination and cognitive growth.

Ultimately, offering your little one a diverse range of children's play equipment can benefit both their gross motor skills, and fine motor skills aiding healthy early childhood development.

Indoor Play Equipment from KiddyMoon

We provide a fabulous selection of children's indoor play equipment designed to assist in your child's early development - a great addition to any playroom or nursery.

From playground equipment such as ball pits and foam playgrounds to rockers and walkers, you're bound to find the perfect piece of equipment to encourage your child's development through creativity and fun.

Browse our range of exciting children's play equipment today to find the perfect addition to your child's playroom.

You may even choose to combine different products to create the ultimate indoor play area - introducing a slide into your ball pit, for example, will lead to hours of fun.

Montessori-based play equipment

Many parents opt to educate their young children on basic life skills by following the Montessori method, which is centred around hands-on learning.

Here at KiddyMoon, we actively promote younger children learning life skills from a young age - providing toys that fit with Montessori education methods.

Our range of fun play equipment encourages both independent and collaborative education through exciting games, challenges, and adventure.

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