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Ball pit made of foam by KiddyMoon

Multiple colour and shape options provide endless combinations, easy to fit in any kid's room or any interior. The colourful ball pit is a perfect gift for toddlers and little children. It provides lots of fun and stimulates self-development. All the products are made of safe, non-toxic materials.

Many people wonder how to give some fun for their little children, how to create conditions in which the child will feel good. Undoubtedly, many people associate the fun of a child with monkey groves, where we can find foam ball pits with colourful plastic balls. On the other hand, many parents are concerned about the hygiene of such places. Thanks to our offer, you can organize such fun for children in your own home.

We use only non-toxic materials that are safe for children, from the main raw materials, dyes to small elements, such as tags or threads.

We want to ensure, the products are safe and appropriate for children. That is why KiddyMoon balls and ball pits have been thoroughly inspected by an independent Eurofins laboratory for flammability, heavy metals and Phthalates. They successfully passed all the tests according to strict ASTM norms.

In our offer you will find ball pits and balls for these ball pits. Different sizes, matching the needs of customers. The foam ball pools in our store differ with size, shape, fabric structure or colour of the balls. Thanks to this, it will be possible to adjust them to your own individual needs and expectations. You will be able to choose the size of the pool that suits your home, flat and age of your child. Of course, we also sell balls for these pools. They are sold as a part of set with the ball pit, but also separately, if you wish to add them to the pool you already have. We are convinced that our offer will meet your expectations, you will be satisfied with them, and the children will have a great fun. We invite everyone to check our offer and choose dry pools with colorful balls in our store. Being a sole distributor of the brand KiddyMoon we can offer you fair prices, without margins of the middlemen.