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Wooden Activity Toys

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Wooden Activity Toys from KiddyMoon

Encourage motor development with KiddyMoon's wooden activity toys

 Keep your young one endlessly entertained with our extensive range of wooden toys.

From balance boards and wooden rockers to wooden play gyms and baby walkers, there’s something exciting for children of all ages.

How can your little one benefit from wooden activity toys?

Our exciting wooden toys have plenty of advantages, such as enhancing their motor skills and boosting their imagination.  

Encourage balance and coordination with children's wooden toys

Apart from sheer enjoyment, the apparatus we offer helps to develop balance and coordination abilities. Moving back and forth on a rocker and keeping upright on a balance toy require these vital skills and encourage your child to develop them in without realising it – while they play!  

Enhancing gross and fine motor skills

Climbing on wooden play gyms or pikler triangles involves the activation of the arm, leg, and core muscles – also known as gross motor skills. These abilities are needed to help your baby strengthen their muscles, enabling them to walk, run, and play independently.

Twisting colourful cogs on their walker also boosts your child’s fine motor skills – the use of smaller muscles in their hands and fingers. This activation will aid your little one when holding pencils, fastening buttons, and tying their laces.  

Hours of independent and social play

Sick of hearing little voices cry “I’m bored”?  Banish boredom with our wooden activity toys.

Your child can enjoy endless fun alone or with friends, helping to aid their social skills too! Social play helps children learn to share, talk, and bond with their peers and spending time playing independently can foster imaginative and creative play, while also building persistence, patience, and problem-solving. 

Let their creative side run free

A wooden play gym from KiddyMoon is more than just a play gym – it’s an enchanted fortress, bandit den or space station ready for exploration.

Just as a balance toy is a surfboard, and a rocker is a national-winning racehorse.

The endless possibilities our toys bring mean your kid will be entertained for hours, becoming engrossed in and developing their fantastic imagination.   

Our wooden activity toys collection

We have a stunning collection of age-appropriate wooden toys available - each comes with various colour and size options depending on the model, so you’re sure to find a toy that perfectly matches your aesthetic.

Balance boards

Crafted from smooth high-quality wood, our wooden balance toys are incredibly safe and fun for young children. Your child simply stands on their board, using their balance skills and coordination to rock from side to side.  

Wooden rockers

Our baby rockers are made with super smooth wood that your child can sit in, rocking to and fro. These fabulous toys are available in an array of colours, including light grey and clean white – perfect for all playroom décors.  

Wooden play gyms and slides

Allow your little monkeys to climb, swing, and have endless fun on a wooden play gym and slide - our climbing frames enhance your child’s fitness, physicality, and creative play.  

Baby walkers

Introduce your little one to independent walking with one of our beautifully crafted walkers. All your baby needs to do is grasp the handle and push, and they’ll be on their way!

When they’re not walking, these wonderful toys have a range of interactive activities built into the frame to keep them entertained, including a counting frame, cogs, and a little mirror.  

Pikler Triangles

A Pikler Triangle is a triangular climbing frame that promotes physical strength and open-ended play. Smaller children can lay beneath, gripping and hanging from the wooden bars, whilst older children can climb to the top and over to the opposite side.

Your child could place a blanket over the frame and make a teepee, making it brilliant for imaginative play too. 

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