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Introducing our stunning collection of children's rockers, perfect for toddlers over the age of two!

Our rocker range comes in a wide range of colours and styles for you to choose from, so you're sure to find a style that matches your home decor.

Rockers from KiddyMoon


Enjoy endless fun with a children's wooden rocker

At KiddyMoon, our bespoke selection of rockers provides your little ones with hours of entertainment whilst building their muscles and critical gross motor skills.

Our rockers are made from either smooth wood or sturdy, yet soft foam that your child can sit in to rock to and fro.

Why treat your child to a kid's rocker?

It's not just super entertaining - there are multiple other benefits to buying a children's rocker for your little one.

Boundless fun and thrills

Children find rocking to and fro highly captivating.

This versatile apparatus can imitate the excitement of an indoor play area in the comfort of your child's own space. Rocking also encourages a healthy heart rate which is also great for circulation.

Stimulates their imagination

To a young mind, a rocker is more than just a piece of furniture. Depending on the world they've created, it could be a racehorse running in the Grand National, a boat floating down the most exotic river, or even a unicorn.

The endless possibilities mean your little one will be entertained for hours.

Some of our rockers can be turned upside down to create a small climbing arch – increasing the hours of fun even further.

Supports their gross motor skill development

Whilst your toddler is having fun rocking to and from, they’re building crucial muscles in their arms, legs, and torso.

Using these muscles is known as gross motor skill development – a vital developmental stage for any child.

Keeping up straight, rocking, and climbing on and off the rocker is a full-body workout for children, requiring the activation and development of their bigger muscles.

Soothes and calms

When your child uses their rocker, they experience a rocking motion that helps them feel secure and relaxed - similar to how parents or guardians rock their babies. This helps them to calm down and will bring a stop to all those tears.

Having a soothing retreat for your child to go to when overwhelmed is ideal for busy households with other children and pets and can help with emotional regulation. 

What about delivery?

At KiddyMoon, you'll be thrilled to know that we offer free delivery on all our rockers. After we’ve processed and packaged your order, it should take 3-5 working days to arrive. 

Why choose KiddyMoon?

We're experienced suppliers of fun and safe children's rockers and play equipment designed to enhance play and aid development.

Every product we stock is made from exceptional quality materials that can withstand the bumps and scratches that may occur during playtime.

Plus, if you have any queries regarding any of our items or your order, our dedicated customer service team is on hand to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have!

Get in touch with KiddyMoon

Do you have an enquiry regarding one of our rockers? Or have a question about delivery? 

If so, our dedicated team is on hand to help – call us on 08000 705 225 or email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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