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How should you take care of the ball pit?


Ball pits are a wonderful toy for your children. Kids love to jump between the colourful balls for hours. So, understandably, the toy is used intensively in many environments.

Although we guarantee the highest product quality, you as the parent also have an obligation to care for the toy properly, avoiding premature wear and tear.

So, how should you take care of your KiddyMoon ball pit?

Here are our top tips.

1. The cover should be washed from time to time to remove any dirt that may have accumulated. We recommend washing the cover either by hand, or in a washing machine on a gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees c. You should only use a mild liquid detergent that is safe for children.

2. Under no circumstances should the foam be soaked or washed in the washing machine. Instead, you should use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the form. Allow the foam to dry for a few hours before putting the cover back on.

3. Children shouldn’t eat or drink in the ball pit s this can lead to irreversible damage. Gentle baby laundry detergents cannot remove stubborn stains.

4. Is the material wrinkled? Not to worry. If the material looks wrinkled, try moving it round with your fingers being careful not to damage the foam.

5. Does your ball pit look a bit misshapen? Remember, looks can be deceptive. Remove the cover and place the foam on the floor. You can then reshape it with your hands and put the cover back on. You may find this video guide handy.

Moving house with your ball pit?

If possible, place the ball pit into the original packaging, or a box of a similar size - don’t fold the ball pit or stuff it into a small bag/box.

You should also make sure the ball pit isn’t left in storage for a long amount of time as this can cause unsightly deformations in the foam. You should also avoid placing your foam ball pit somewhere it can be exposed to moisture, mould, insects or other pests.

Foam ball pits build to last

Like any other KiddyMoon product, our foam ball pits can serve your children for years to come. However, this is dependent on both proper care and careful use.

Hopefully our tips will help you look after your KiddyMoon ball pit, ensuring it looks beautiful for a long time.

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