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Playspace Perfection: Choosing the Perfect Playroom Furniture

Playspace Perfection: Choosing the Perfect Playroom Furniture

If you've decided to turn your spare room into a dedicated play area for your young one, then you'll need to furnish it with child-friendly furniture first.

But why are playrooms so advantageous? And how do you select the right furnishings for your precious one?

Keep on reading to find out!

The benefits of a playroom for your little ones

Offering your child their own fun space that's just for them has plenty of fantastic advantages – not only for them, but for your household, too.

1. A room for play keeps your home tidier

Providing your little munchkin with a dedicated room to play in will help to keep the rest of your home tidy, as their toys, artwork, and books are confined to one room. So, when guests visit, you can simply shut the playroom door to keep any mess hidden away.

2. They help your child to separate play and sleep

Separate bedtime from playtime with a dedicated playroom - if your child associates their bedroom with playing as well as sleeping, they may struggle to settle down and doze off when they should!

3. A play area can encourage educational development

A special room filled with foam blocks and a kid's table and chairs for writing, drawing, or arts and crafts is a superb way to encourage your child's development. As they get a little older, they can even use this space to do any homework or nursery projects their teachers set.

What are some important factors to consider when selecting children's furniture?

Before you become absorbed in purchasing a range of furniture for your new playroom, it's best to think about the following first to ensure you're investing in the most suitable goods:

  • Colour schemes - children's furniture comes in an array of colours, from white to natural wood, so be sure to pick a shade that best matches the room's aesthetics.
  • Consider your child's age - children's furniture varies in age appropriateness, so remember to check the guidance on each product page to ensure it's suitable for your tot.

What are some popular types of playroom furniture?

Kids’ tables

As mentioned previously, a play table and chairs make highly useful and beneficial additions to any kid's play space. A small table and chair set can provide a platform for children to let their imagination take over and create their own fun, whether that be through drawing or colouring, arts and crafts, or story writing.

Most children's table and chair sets come with a handy cup holder, so your precious one can stay hydrated and keep their juice from spilling onto their latest work of art.


Soft to the touch and incredibly cushioning, playmats are a fabulous inclusion in any play area. Mats for playrooms are superb for general play and tummy time - a short period in the day where babies are positioned on their front to help strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles.

What's more, velvet or foam mats also stimulate your kid's senses due to their soft fabric, helping them to understand new textures and explore the world around them.


Finish your child's new space with a range of decorations to brighten the room and make your child feel creatively stimulated.

From space-themed 3D wall prints to colourful garlands, there's something available for all children, regardless of age or gender.

How important is safety when choosing children's furniture, and what are some features to look for?

Selecting furniture that's safe for your children to sit on and play around is vital when it comes to furnishing your treasured one's playroom. Here are a few things to look out for:

Child-friendly materials

Ensure your kid's wooden table and other wooden furniture are childproof by checking that they're sanded, with smooth surfaces and curved edges. This is important as any sharp, angular edges should be avoided.

Usually, most children's play tables and chairs from reliable retailers like ourselves will have rounded corners to protect your child in the event of a fall or trip.


When your new furniture arrives, be sure to assemble your new children's tables and chairs correctly by following the exact instructions outlined in the accompanying manual. Neglecting the instruction manual could lead to unstable furniture that may not be safe for your tot!

Get in touch for more advice

If you'd like personalised guidance on which playroom furniture is best for your little one, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team at, and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

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