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KiddyMoon Ball Pits

Lots of fun and coordination improvement

Little children love to play in colourful balls. Therefore, it should not be surprising that baby ball pits are quite popular and are now eagerly chosen. What's more, ball pit with balls improves the sensory abilities and hand eye coordination of your child. In our store you will find various kinds of products in this area. We offer different ball pit shapes, colours, sizes, balls’ combination or even fabric composition.

Huge choice of colours and shapes

You can choose any pool that suits your needs and your home. You can buy a ball pit with or without balls and choose your individual set. We also offer sets of balls (50-700 pieces in each set). All dry pools are carefully manufactured from high quality components. They have few centimeter wide walls, a foam bottom, which is why they are safe and comfortable for babies and toddlers. The walls are covered with a soft fabric, so they will also be pleasant to the touch for the child. Foam ball pits are of moderate size, so you can easily use them in your home or an apartment and give your child an endless fun.

If you have a larger space, you can choose a bigger ball pool (square up to 120cm wide). It is a perfect gift for your little one's 1st or 2nd birthday.

Safe, high quality materials

We want to ensure, the products are safe and appropriate for children. That is why KiddyMoon balls and ball pits have been thoroughly inspected by an independent Eurofins laboratory for flammability, heavy metals and Phthalates. They successfully passed all the tests according to strict ASTM norms.