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Ball Pits

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KiddyMoon Ball Pits

Keep your precious ones amused for hours with one of our delightful foam ball pits. Little children love to play with colourful plastic balls that are smooth and satisfying to touch. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our baby ball pits are very popular among parents.

Why buy a foam ball pit for your little one?

There are many reasons to invest in a foam ball pit for your toddler or baby.

Ball pits offer heaps of fun

Soft play ball pits provide a space for imaginative sensory play – watch as your young one explores the deepest ocean or most colourful jungle from the comfort and safety of their ball pit.

Gross motor skills develop in ball pits 

Aside from being incredibly fun for your baby or toddler, ball pits are perfect for encouraging their gross motor skills. Catching, throwing, and rolling balls during play is an engaging way to advance their abilities and develop controlling their body.

Foam ball pits encourage coordination

Playing in ball pits and moving amongst plastic balls improves your child’s movement and hand-eye coordination.

Baby ball pits provide much-needed social time

Ball pits encourage your little one’s socialisation and cooperative play skills when playing with friends or siblings in a ball pit. This will help them to communicate, share, and develop empathy.


We offer a generous choice of ball pit colours

We have a wonderful range of baby ball pit shapes, colours, sizes, ball combinations, and even fabric compositions – so you can choose any pool that suits your needs and your home.

We have beautiful baby pink ball pits perfect for your little princess and light blue ones for your little prince. Or, why not go wild with vibrant rainbow colours or opt for more subtle grey or green hues for calmer spaces?


Pick from a wide range of shapes and sizes

From soft square ball pits to round designs in different sizes, you'll find the ideal ball pit to fit into your space.

You can buy one of our delightful baby ball pits with or without balls - soft ball sets contain between 50-700 pieces each - simply select the amount that best suits your child's needs.


We use safe, high-quality materials for KiddyMoon ball pits

All our stunning dry pools are carefully crafted from high-quality materials to make playtime even more comfortable and safe for babies and toddlers. 

Each ball pit has a foam bottom to cushion your child as they sit and play. Soft fabric walls that are pleasant for your child to touch keep play contained within the pit.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about accidents and spillages in your new ball pit - the covers are removable for easy cleaning and machine washable at 30°C.


Contact our friendly team at KiddyMoon

Unsure about which ball pit is perfect for your little one? Or which sized pool is best for your home? Feel free to get in touch with us on 08000 705 225 or email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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