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Balance Boards

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balance board

Wooden balance board helps support the maintenance of correct body posture and improves motoric coordination.

Montessori balance board for children, also known as a wobble board, is a real hit! It is a properly profiled wooden board, which not only gives your child hours of fun, but also can be treated as a sports, body workout and rehabilitation device to keep fine motor skills.

Versatile boards - multiple modes of use

We know from experience that little ones like to let their imaginations run wild and use the objects around them in very creative ways. You can use it in many different ways: rock on the wobble balance board, treat it like a table, obstacle course, or small car highway. You can also use it as a rocking seat on which your kid can rest, watch, read a book. KiddyMoon rocker boards have a slip resistant surface made of felt, which makes it totally safe to use.

Balance board designed with kids' abilities in mind

Our wobble boards are a solid option in terms of build quality. The edges are gently sanded, the surface is covered with paint or varnish (so it is easy to clean). They can hold a weight of an adult and child standing on it. At the same time, the balance board is light enough to be carried by a child.