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Balance Boards

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Improve motoric coordination with a wooden balance board

Designed to encourage imagination, boost physical activity, and provide hours of fun, balance boards are perfect for children between one and six years of age. They can even be used by adults to improve balance and muscle condition. Our wonderful collection includes balance boards in a vibrant range of colours and styles, so you’re sure to find the ideal board for your little one.

balance boards

Stimulate their imagination and constructive play with a wooden wobble board

Young children like to let their imaginations run wild and use the objects around them imaginatively - wooden wobble boards are fantastic open-ended toys that children can turn into just about anything they desire.

From a bridge to a magical kingdom and show ramps for cars, your little one can let their creative side run free. 

Improve gross motor skills and balance with a wooden balance board

Wooden wobble boards can be treated as a body workout and rehabilitation device to develop fine motor skills and boost muscle development in your child.

As your young one balances and rocks on the wobble board, they engage in exercise that improves special awareness and coordination, boosts strength, and develops reflexes, core stability, and balance.

Balancing, among others, is an important skill, fundamental to walking, riding bikes, playing sports, and performing daily tasks in later life. 

Balance boards help young ones settle down

You can also use a wooden wobble board to help your child to unwind and nap after a long day of imaginative adventure and exercise. Simply place a blanket and cushions on the platform to create a comfy rocking seat where your little one can relax or read a book.

The gentle rocking is highly soothing for young ones, especially children with ADHD - more and more parents are using wooden balance boards to help ease their child’s symptoms and aid concentration. 

Our wooden balance boards are designed with kids in mind

At KiddyMoon, our colourful selection of wooden wobble boards is a solid option in terms of quality and safety. KiddyMoon rocker boards have a slip-resistant surface covered with a delicate rubbery film instead of harsh sandpaper, making them totally safe for children to use.

The edges of all our balance boards are gently sanded and rounded for a smooth finish that’s safe for even the most adventurous play.

Additionally, the surfaces of all our wooden balance boards are varnished for easy cleaning without removing paintwork. So, even if your little monkey spills juice on the board, it’s simple to remove.

Plus, even though they’re robust enough to hold the weight of an adult and a child, our balance boards are light enough to be carried by a child, meaning they can take it just about anywhere.  

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