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The best gift ideas for toddlers and kids

The best gift ideas for toddlers and kids

We know how difficult it is to choose the right toy for a child. That’s why we’ve put this guide together, to help you decide on the best gift for your little one.

The best soft toys for children who can sit on their own

Foam ball pits

No one will be surprised by the fact young children love to play in colourful ball pits. So, why not buy your little one a gorgeous foam ball pit for their birthday?

Only are they great fun, but foam ball pits improve childrens’ sensory abilities and hand-eye coordination.

Here at KiddyMoon we have a large selection of shapes, sizes and colours, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your playroom. Plus, if our ready-made sets aren’t quite right for your home, you can purchase your ball pit and balls separately to ensure it seamlessly blends into your environment.

We understand cleaning your children’s toys can be an annoyance, which is why our foam ball pits are easy to clean. Simply remove the cover and wash either by hand or on a gentle wash.

Find out more about KiddyMoon ball pits.

Ball pits from KiddyMoon

Soft foam playground

Create a home softplay area in which your little one can play safely for hours.

The soft blocks are made from foam, are covered in a soft fabric, and come in a variety of shapes including wedges, steps and ramps, making them the perfect toy for babies, toddlers and young children.

Not only do soft foam playgrounds encourage creation and exploration, but they also influence motor skills and coordination.

Our soft foam blocks can also be added to our foam ball pits, upgrading these gorgeous pieces of play equipment and ensuring your child never bores of them.

Find out more about our soft foam playgrounds.

Playgrounds from KiddyMoon

Wooden baby walkers

Wooden baby walkers are the perfect toy, specifically designed to accompany your child during their first steps.

Stable and soft with non-slip rotating wheels, these wooden walkers are completely safe and are covered with non-toxic paint.

Not only do these assist your little one with their coordination, but they also encourage motor skills through their educational entertainment elements. Each side of the walker has a different, fun functionality to stimulate the toddler’s development.

Explore our wooden baby walker range.

walkers from KiddyMoon

Foam blocks

Perfect for any child under the age of 3, foam blocks encourage creativity through play, enabling your child to create their own constructions.

Made from foam and covered with a delicate fabric in various colours, KiddyMoon’s foam blocks are suited to most interiors and are the perfect addition to any ball pit or soft playground.

Explore our range of imagination stimulating foam blocks.

soft blocks from KiddyMoon

When the baby is already walking

Kitchen helpers

If you have a toddler, you know how they like to climb and watch with curiosity what you do in the kitchen. Now, thanks to our toddler towers, your child can participate in the kitchen.

KiddyMoon’s kitchen helper is functional and solid. The design has been thoroughly tested by an external laboratory for stability. Plus, the use of appropriate materials ensures support at the base, preventing any tilting or slipping.

Ideal for children aged 18 months to 7 years, our kitchen helpers have an adjustable floor meaning they can be used for years’ to come.

Find out more about our kitchen helpers online.

kitchen helpers from KiddyMoon

Table and chair sets

Is your little one starting to experiment with art? Do they enjoy puzzles? Or is it time for them to start eating independently at the table? A children’s table and chair set is the perfect solution.

Our wooden table and chair set is super easy to clean thanks to the coating. Plus, with specifically designed rounded edges, it’s perfect for children.

This practical set is beneficial in any setting. Shop the range online today.

table and chair set from KiddyMoon

Wooden rockers

Help your little one’s mind and body develop with KiddyMoon’s wooden rockers.

It’s been proven that regular rocking has a positive effect on mental and physical health, therefore our wooden rockers are perfect for relaxing. Rocking also helps use excess energy, supports concentration, calms the child, has a positive effect on the respiratory system and proper metabolism.

Find out more about our wooden rockers.

 Rockers from KiddyMoon

When the baby is already running

Climbing triangles

It’s a well known fact that children love to climb. So, why not encourage this love of climbing in a safe environment within your home.

Wooden climbing triangles are specifically designed to provide a fun play area for young children, helping to develop their imagination, as well as help their physical and mental development.

Additionally, climbing improves the proper functioning of the muscles and supports the maintenance of an upright posture.

Our climbing triangle doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for most indoor play areas. Not only can it be used independently, but it can also be incorporated into a home playground, both indoor or outdoors, making it the ultimate, versatile gift.

View KiddyMoon’s climbing triangles.

Climbing Triangle from KiddyMoon

This pickler does not take up much space. It has rounded edges, which affects its safety. It's light, so we can easily move it anywhere.

Balance boards

Providing endless hours of fun and excitement, it’s no wonder the balance board is a popular activity toy amongst young children.

It can be used in many different ways: rock on the wobble balance board, treat it like a table, obstacle course, or small car highway. You can also use it as a rocking seat on which our kid can rest, watch or read a book.

Not only do wobble boards encourage active play, but they also improve motor coordination.

The KiddyMoon balance board has a non-slip surface made of felt, making it completely safe to use.

The edges are lightly sanded, the surface is easy to clean. It can support the weight of an adult and a child standing on it. At the same time, the balance is so light that it can be carried by a child.

Find out more about our balance boards.

Balance Boards from KiddyMoon

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