Ball Pits 90x40cm

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KiddyMoon Ball Pits 90x40

Foam ball pits of 90cm (36in) diameter / side length are the most universal and the most popular kind of ballpits with plastic balls for children. That is because they are big enough to fit a child and a set of 200 or 300 colourful balls. At the same time, there is no problem with finding a space for them in a child’s room.

Higher walls of 5cm (2in) thickness and 40cm (16in) height enable to put more balls into the ball pool, as well as to provide better suport for the back of your childIn this category we offer round and square ball pits with a variety of colour combinations of the covers and balls – alltogether more than 80 options, from which you will surely find the one that you and your child will like.  The moderate size enables you to have the ball pit that fits your living space, and the age of your child. At KiddyMoon we make every effort to produce the ball pits that are not only trendy, but most of all, safe for children. 

From the material used to manufacture the ball pits and balls, to every thread and the tags, we use the non-toxic, highest quality materials, which meet all European regulations and safety standards.