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Velvet Playgrounds

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Create a safe and joyful play environment for toddlers and children with a soft playground from us. Browse our selection that features an array of kid’s playground equipment, perfect for keeping your little ones entertained all day!

Velvet playgrounds from KiddyMoon

Safe soft play

While public soft play facilities may suit older children well, they can prove overwhelming for younger tots.

Our soft play sets offer a solution that’s just as fun, enabling you to create a soft playground that provides entertainment for your little ones within the comfort of your own home.  

Each element is made from plush foam, which softly cushions your child as they play and doesn’t have hard edges, reducing the chance of accidents.

So, you can relax knowing your child is safely engaging in adventurous play amongst their new indoor play gym equipment! 

Active development

Our soft playgrounds provide an energising workout for your special one, helping them to develop their fine and gross motor skills.

By climbing on steps, crawling underneath tunnels, and clambering out of their new ball pool, your child engages their leg, arm, and torso muscles to build their strength. and develops their gross motor abilities.

Plus, grabbing, clutching, and rolling plastic balls engages their fine motor skills, which involve the small muscles in their hands and fingers. Down the line, this will help your kid to tie their laces, dress themselves, and hold crayons at nursery. 

A sensory experience

A soft playground is more than a fun and physical workout – it also stimulates your child’s senses thanks to soft-to-touch velvet covers and smooth plastic balls.

The contrast between the velvety fabric of our kids playground equipment and the smoother, vibrant plastic balls offers a satisfying sensory play experience.

Sensory play is also superb for calming frustrated or anxious children, who can focus on the sensation of the delicate tufts round them allowing their stressors to process and fade away. 

Endless excitement and imaginative play

Our velvet playgrounds provide hours of entertainment and fun for your little ones – let them roam free and watch as they navigate their new surroundings.

Thanks to the range of velvet elements in our offering, they can turn ramps into racetracks for their toy cars, clamber through tunnels beneath fairy castles, or even create a fort – it’s entirely up to them. 

Customise your tot’s one-of-a-kind soft playground

You can choose a ready-made set or create your own by purchasing indoor play gym equipment separately.

Simply select the products based on your child’s needs, your budget, or which will suit your home and decor best.

From earthy forest green to soothing desert pink, you’re sure to find a soft playground that ticks all your boxes. 

Why choose KiddyMoon?

Here at KiddyMoon, we’re experienced retailers of high-quality and durable soft playgrounds tested by an independent lab to ensure they’re safe for your little one.

Made from the best materials, your new playground is designed to withstand impacts from play and the removable covers mean they’re super easy to clean if spills occur.  

Have a question regarding our range of kid’s playground equipment? Maybe you have a delivery enquiry? If so, feel free to contact our team on 08000 705 225 and we’ll help in any way we can.

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