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Balance Board - an item that will change and improve your life


Balance boards from KiddyMoon

Wooden Balance boards have become a real hit amongst young children in recent years.

But, as well as providing hours of fun, they’re also the perfect device for sports, training, fitness classes and rehabilitation.

Balance boards have an endless list of benefits for both adults and kids.

There are so many uses of a KiddyMoon wooden balance board, including:

- Coordination exercises

- Physiotherapy

- Stability work-out

- Development of abdominal and spine muscles

- Motor coordination

- Maintaining balance exercises

- Exercises to strengthen stomach and waist muscles

Wooden balance boards prove to be the perfect gift for little ones and adults alike.

The board effectively encourages correct body posture, while reducing the risk of its defects. Not only do balance boards improve motor coordination skills, but they’re a great introduction to skiing, snowboarding and even surfing.

And, most importantly, it has been confirmed by an independent laboratory that our wooden balance boards meet European safety standards.

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