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Is A Kitchen Helper A Must These Days?

Is A Kitchen Helper A Must These Days?

Mixing, cutting, kneading, shaping, rolling out the dough? Children love to participate in the preparation of meals! This is also a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend time together. The problem arises when it turns out that children are not yet able to reach the countertop. What then? A perfect solution is our Montessori wooden learning tower!

Thanks to the three-level adjustable base, the KiddyMoon learning tower can be easily adjusted to the height of the child, so you can use the furniture for a longer period of time. High-quality and durable accessories are the top priority for all parents nowadays. So don't worry that in a few months, your kid will be too tall to use our kitchen helper! This stool is suitable for children between 18 months and 7 years old. Maximum weight is 50 kg and proven strength - 90 kg (!). You should always find a place in your kitchen for such sturdy and useful furniture!

Are you still not sure if you really need such a kitchen helper? KiddyMoon learning tower is synonymous with the safety of the child. We care about the quality of our products and guarantee that your child will use the learning tower without any problems. Only non-toxic paints and varnishes are used in the production. Solid construction with a floor protector prevents the step stool from tipping to the side. So with this device children can safely participate in various activities in the kitchen or simply brush their teeth at the sink.

KiddyMoon kitchen helper

What influence does our learning tower have on the development of your child? First of all, thanks to the kitchen helper, your little one will become more and more independent, and in addition he will learn many new things, such as washing fruit, cutting food, stirring the dough, and so on. It allows the child to develop his manual skills and learn to work together as a group, helping you in various activities. Thanks to the step stool, in the constant hustle and bustle, you can finally find opportunities to spend time with your child and strengthen your bond during daily routine tasks. Isn't that wonderful?

Check out all of our learning towers >>! We're confident you'll find the perfect piece of furniture in the color you want in our online store! If you are also interested in our other wooden toys, you can find a direct link here >>!

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