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Gliding down the slide at the playground is an experience all young ones look forward to – and with our bespoke slides, you can bring this fun into the comfort of your home!

At KiddyMoonour wooden slides are available in different colours to suit all home decor.


Enhance your ball pit with a wooden indoor slide

Does your child already have one of our super-fun ball pits? If so, a slide for a ball pit is the perfect way to add to the excitement.

Our wooden slides slot perfectly over the edge of our ball pits, providing a thrilling entrance and a splash into the sea of colours.

But, if your child doesn't have a ball pit, a wooden slide can be equally enjoyed as a stand-alone product, providing your little ones with plenty of fun throughout the day.

Why treat your child to a ball pit slide?

Aside from sheer enjoyment, how else can your little monkey benefit from one of our slides?  

They activate your child’s fine and gross motor skills

A kid’s wooden slide is perfect for helping toddlers and young children further their physical development.

As your child climbs up their slide, they enhance their gross motor development by using the large muscles in their arms, core, and legs. Gross motor skills enable your child to perform physical motions such as walking, throwing, and lifting.

Plus, the smaller muscles in their hands and fingers are activated as they grip the handle to switch from standing to sitting. These small movements are known as fine motor skills, which will help your child to hold pencils, fasten buttons, and tie their shoelaces.

Combining a slide with other playground elements, such as in our wooden playground, enables your child to explore and develop their gross motor skills further!

A ball pit slide will boost balance and coordination  

Whilst climbing and sitting on their slide, children engage their balance and coordination skills to keep them steady and maintain a controlled position. These skills are important both in everyday life and whilst exercising.

By heightening their balancing abilities, your little one can jump right into a sports team at school, where they'll make friends and learn all about teamwork!

Their imagination is stimulated

A slide isn’t just a slide to a young mind – it’s a rainbow path into the clouds, a stunt ramp, or even a racehorse.

Their imagination can run free, creating hours of fun and creative stimulation – something every child can benefit from. Your toddler can even play with friends on the slide, boosting their social skills and teaching them to share.  

They provide safe fun

As our wooden slides are designed for young children, they resist tilting and have no sharp edges. So, your child can continue to play independently without the need for constant supervision.  

Plus, all our children's slides are manufactured from safe and certified materials, giving you peace of mind that you're investing in a secure and reliable product.

They double as a chair

Our slides are multifunctional – simply flip the slide over, and your little one has a comfy throne with a high back to sit on. This 2-in-1 combination removes the need for a separate chair, which is ideal for space-saving and making your home feel less cluttered. 

Choose the perfect ball pit slide for your playroom

These compact toys come in various pastel colours and can be used inside and outside, depending on the weather! Choose between a soft grey hue, natural wood, or a clean white wooden slide – the choice is up to you.

Get in touch with our team

Here at KiddyMoon, it's our goal to provide your tots with fun and safe wooden slides.

If you have any queries regarding our wooden slides, don’t hesitate to call us on 08000 705 225 – or email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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