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Velvet - a new trend in toys

Velvet - a new trend in toys

The same great ball pits and foam play elements now available in new, soft velvet covers.

Introducing vivid colour combinations designed only for our velour ball pits. Brighten up your interior and improve the sensory abilities of your little one.

Our amazing KiddyMoon foam ball pits and foam modules come in multiple colour and shape options, providing endless set combinations making them easy to fit into any room.

Provide your children with hours of entertainment and fun.

Looking to switch up your current playground setting? Smooth, nice to touch and in truly gorgeous colours, our foam ball pits and soft modules are the perfect addition to your home.

Explore our selection of velvet ballpits and play elements and choose your favrourite today.

Soft velour fabrics in uniqe colous - AVAILABLE ONLY AT KIDDYMOON


velvet ball pits at KiddyMoon

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