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Foam Blocks

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Our collection of soft play foam blocks takes children's development to the next level, allowing them to create imaginative constructions whilst boosting their problem-solving and motor skills simultaneously.

Plus, they're a perfect addition to our exciting ball pits if your child already has one!

Foam Blocks


Why are foam blocks beneficial to your little one?

Toddlers and young children alike have tremendous amounts of fun playing with our soft foam building blocks, but they have more advantages than you may think…

Foam bricks encourage creative and imaginative fun

Imaginative play and excitement go hand in hand. With our foam bricks, the fun never ends - your little one can create unique structures for endless hours and invent their own stories to go with them.

You can combine these foam building blocks with foam playgrounds and single elements to create a soft play area.

From the tallest skyscrapers to pyramids and walled forts, your little munchkin controls the narrative, inventing characters to accompany them throughout their imaginary adventures.

Foam building blocks boost fine motor skills

Through handling each cube, your kid will be grasping, rotating, and placing each block, which activates and strengthens the small muscles in the hand, wrist, and fingers. 

The movement and use of these muscles are known as fine motor skills, which are very important when it comes to completing everyday tasks, such as tying shoelaces and holding pencils.

Sensory stimulation with our fabric foam blocks

Provide your tot with the ultimate sensory experience with our soft play cubes. Your young one can squish and squeeze each element, enjoying the satisfaction that plush foam brings. Each block is covered in delicate fabric in unique colours, making them soft to the touch and visually appealing to look at.

Plus, you can create a full sensory journey by adding a set of foam bricks to their ball pit to create a contrast between the fabric and smooth plastic textures.

Foam blocks are great for enhancing cognitive abilities

When young minds let their imagination run free building creative structures with foam blocks, they're actually developing their cognitive abilities.

Whilst playing with their own set of foam blocks, your little one will have to work out how to stack each element without them falling - a great introduction to problem-solving. As our foam blocks come in a range of shapes, from cubes to triangles and L-shapes, your child will learn how different shapes fit together, which boosts shape recognition, too!

Thanks to their determination, your children will eventually be able to build structures with more understanding of how shapes fit together - a moment that will make you gush with pride!

An interactive introduction to numbers

We offer foam building blocks that feature numbers and shapes printed on their surfaces. Whether your child is in nursery or reception, this introduction to simple mathematics is a fantastic way to learn through play.

You could even sit with your little one and use the soft play cubes to design fun and educational games, bringing you closer together!

Encourage social skills and team work with foam blocks

Whilst playing with their foam blocks alongside their siblings or friends on a play date, toddlers start to develop fundamental social skills that will benefit them at school. 

Not only will this provide the foundations to help them make new friends, but they'll also discover how to share and work as part of a team. This is essential for later life and will help them when joining sports teams in the near future.

Key features of our children’s foam building blocks

  • Choose between sets of 6, 12, 24, and 48 pieces (excluding the 9-piece puzzle sets)
  • Each features a removable cover that can be washed, allowing you to keep them clean and tidy
  • Available in a range of shapes and colours, including forest green, desert pink, lagoon turquoise, and light grey

Speak to our team

If you'd like to know more about our superb range of children's foam blocks and play equipment, please don't hesitate to contact our experts here at KiddyMoon, who are always eager to help. 

You can email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk or call us on 0800 0705 225 if you'd prefer.

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