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Soft play elements

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Here at KiddyMoon, we supply some of the most exciting and well-built soft play equipment on the market, ideal for entertaining your tot throughout the day. Whether it be an obstacle course, a thrilling workout, or an imaginative structure such as a dragon’s keep, your child is bound to have endless hours of fun.

Soft play elements from KiddyMoon

Create your indoor soft play equipment

If you already own a ball pit, you can add different foam elements from our range to customise your soft playground.

Elements we sell include foam wedges, steps, hills, ramps, tunnels, half-shafts, barrels, rollers, and pouffes. Our range offers a stunning collection of colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find the ideal shade to match your child’s room.

Select between soft baby pink, dark blue, or forest green, amongst many other options.

Plus, with so many individual elements to choose from, you can pick the shapes that best fit the space you have at home.

If it’s easier for you, you can opt for one of our full foam playground sets, which features multiple elements in one package. Full sets will provide you with the different elements your child needs to enjoy playtime or a fun workout. 

A soft play playground isn’t just a playground…

Whilst your child’s soft play equipment is fun to crawl and climb over, it will also give your child endless hours of creative fun, too.

Each foam element can be used to create imaginative building structures, such as hidden caves, forts, and magical castles. Our foam ramps also make the perfect stunt ramps for your child’s toy cars or a launch pad for rockets heading into outer space. 

Soft play structures are great for physical development and coordination

Your little one can improve their physical coordination and motor development thanks to our soft play equipment. Balance and coordination abilities are engaged as your child navigates their way around their new play area.

Crawling over barrels, climbing onto blocks, and stepping into their ball pit all involve balance and coordination skills that are essential for your kid’s growth.

Additionally, these activities also aid their gross motor development, which involves the use of their larger leg, arm, and torso muscles. Gross motor skills will enable your child to walk to school, exercise, and use the stairs in the near future. 

Why choose KiddyMoon?

Here at KiddyMoon, we only stock the safest and most reliable children’s soft play elements, made from high-quality foam. This means your tot’s new soft play equipment won’t squish or become deformed as they play and climb on each element.

We also appreciate that your little ones can spill their juice by accident, which is why each element has a soft-feel fabric cover with a zipper, so you can easily remove it and put it in the washing machine if necessary.

Do you have a question regarding our extensive selection of soft play structures? Or do you require more information about our delivery service? If so, our team is on hand to discuss any queries you may have – simply email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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