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How to choose a perfect soft playground for your home and for your child?

How to choose a perfect soft playground for your home and for your child?

Perfect soft playground for your child

Children love playing in soft ball pits as even the floor is made of foam which provides comfort for many hours of pure joy and fun. Adding balls and soft cubes to the mix gives not only more fun but also enables children to train their sensory abilities and allows their brain to develop faster

What elements can be added to create a soft playground at home?

A soft playground is a great addition to your child's playing room. You can add extra items, such as our puzzle mat, which will make the fun even more interesting. It creates a soft, safe floor for playing outside and inside.

A soft ball pool is also a part of a playground, it allows a child to play with friends and siblings, diving in the balls, learning to know different balls colours and their rounded shapes.

Additional foam elements allow you to build a path from differently shaped foam pieces, a child can use it to crawl over and under and to climb on it. It helps developing balance skills, recognition of new shapes and forms, and of course helps to develop a child's self-confidence.

There is a lot of other equipment you can add to your soft home playground - you can set it up and change it the way you want. It works great with our soft cubes which allow kids to put them together in different ways, creating new structures.

Our rockers are also a wonderful addition to other playground elements. Ergonomically designed, ensure a healthy back posture and allow the child to learn to keep balance. Rocking is also a form of relaxation, it is also a great start as the child will later be able to learn to ride a bike with a sense of confidence and balance.

Our foam set with chairs and tables are an absolute must-have as well. A child can create an apartment-like setting and develop many skills. Since the furniture is also quite small, you can customize the children's room as you wish. Many colours and shapes of our foam toys allow you to choose the best fitting design and shade to match your child's preferences. Your child will love it for sure.

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