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The best gift for the first birthday

The best gift for the first birthday

first birthday party

Is your child fast approaching their first birthday? Are you struggling for gift ideas? We’re here to help.

A child’s first birthday is a great opportunity to introduce toys specifically designed to encourage development. Here are our top 4 first birthday gift ideas:

1. Foam Playgrounds

Foam playgrounds are great first birthday presents.

Not only do they provide fun for years to come, but they’re completely safe and are easy to set up.

They can also be easily adapted according to your child’s preferences with additional elements available at KiddyMoon.

Plus, their easily removable covers make for simple cleaning.

Find out more about foam playgrounds.

KiddyMoon Playgrounds

2. Wooden rockers

Wooden rockers make for a very versatile children’s toy, making them popular amongst the little ones.

As well as being a fun toy, they double up as a comfortable rocking chair where your child can rest safely.

KiddyMoon wooden rockers allow babies to develop their body and brain whilst learning new skills.

Find out more about wooden rockers.

KiddyMoon Rockers

3. Ball pits

Ball pits are possibly the most popular children’s toy out there.

With so many colourful options available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect ball pit to seamlessly suit your home’s design.

Comfortable and pleasant to touch, these colourful ball pits help improve a baby’s sensory abilities and coordination.

Find out more about KiddyMoon ball pits.

KiddyMoon Ball Pits


4. Foam blocks

Foam blocks are the perfect gift for any child.

Great for use alone, or alongside a ball pit, foam blocks are perfect for enriching your child’s playtime.

Children can build buildings and characters, dents and obstacle courses - there’s no end to the possibilities.

Find out more about KiddyMoon foam blocks.

KiddyMoon Foam Blocks

The importance and meaning of a baby's first toys

Your little ones learn so much through play, from concepts of size and shape, to sound and texture. So, investing in the right children’s toys can play a decisive and important role in the lives of your child.

At KiddyMoon you can find high quality, safe toys - perfect for a baby’s first birthday.

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