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Playroom Makeover: Transforming Your Space with Indoor Play Equipment

Playroom Makeover: Transforming Your Space with Indoor Play Equipment

 Your little munchkin’s playroom can easily be made into a land of laughter and excitement with a few new play additions.

So, are you ready to upgrade your space?

Carry on reading to discover how indoor play equipment can add a wow factor and can help your tot develop too!  

Ideas to transform your playroom with indoor play equipment

Add thrills and excitement with a ball pit slide

If you’re eager to add a super fun piece of equipment to your child’s playroom that engages their imagination, then look no further than a ball pit slide.

Slides are an exhilarating yet safe thrill for children that keep them active as well as entertained. As your child clambers up the slide’s steps and pulls themselves onto the platform at the top of the slide, they’re engaging their core, as well as their arm and leg muscles.

What’s more, the slide feels like a rainbow road, leading into a colourful burst of soft plastic ball pit balls beneath. Or, for some older tots, the slide is a pirate ship, sailing amongst the choppy seven seas in the hunt for long-lost treasure. We can combine our slides with wooden climbing structures to get even more possibilities.

The options really are limited by your little one’s imagination alone!  

Create a Wild West corner or spaceport with a wooden rocker

A wooden rocker isn’t simply a fun toy that rocks to and fro – it’s a horse, spaceship or runaway carriage depending on the story your little one decides to tell.

The endless possibilities mean your playroom is no longer a lacklustre area – it’s a site of adventure and discovery too!

As your child plays on their new wooden rocker, they also boost their muscle development by engaging their core, arms, and legs to move back and forth – making it a win-win all around.  

Let them forge their own world with foam building blocks

Make their playroom truly theirs by introducing a set of foam building blocks to be turned into any structure they desire. From a dainty square house to a pyramid fit for a pharaoh, your treasured one can build to their heart’s content!

Foam building blocks are also fantastic for helping young children enhance their fine motor skills – by grasping each block and positioning them precisely, your child is engaging the small muscles in their hands and fingers. This is beneficial in the long run as fine movements, such as holding a pencil, are crucial skills your munchkin will require at nursery age and beyond.

Offer a full sensory experience with soft play mats

Babies and toddlers alike can benefit from the delicate feel of soft play mats in their new and improved playroom.

Velvet mats are silky and soothing, offering a calming surface for tummy time or general play. What’s more, they often come in beautiful pastel shades that really help to boost the playroom’s décor.

You could opt for a stunning forest green to bring an element of nature into your kid’s playroom, or a subtle desert pink to lighten the space – it’s entirely your choice!    

For further guidance, contact us today

Here at KiddyMoon, we stock all the soft play equipment you need to turn your little monkey’s room into a super exciting play space!

If you’d like to speak to us directly about which apparatus and toys are best for your child’s needs, feel free to call us on 08000 705 225 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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