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Ball Pit Balls

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plastic play balls for ball pit

The best way to ensure your little one enjoys endless fun and creativity daily is with a set of colourful soft play balls from KiddyMoon.

Our plastic soft play balls are a huge hit amongst our incredible collection of children's toys, providing your little one with heaps of excitement for hours on end whilst stimulating their senses and imagination.

We stock a fantastic range of smooth plastic balls and ball pits that can be used alongside our other developmental and fun toys, including soft playgrounds and wooden slides.

Soft play balls – fun that aids your child's development

From babies and toddlers to young children, catching, throwing, and rolling soft play balls encourage their coordination to advance, as well as their gross motor skills - the development of the large muscles in the arm, leg and core.

Got any questions about our ball pit balls? Get in touch!

Let your child's imagination run free with soft play plastic balls

Creativity and storytelling know no bounds as your child plays in a bright pool of soft play balls – let them float across the stars or swim through the deepest ocean, it's entirely up to them.

Our soft play balls can be used alongside so many other toys including ball pits, tents and playpens, therefore encouraging your little one’s imagination in a variety of ways.

Exploring their imaginary world with friends and siblings is a fantastic way to encourage socialisation with other kids – this is ideal for those learning to communicate, developing empathy, and learning how to share during their early years.

What’s so special about our range of plastic soft play balls?

At KiddyMoon, we offer an excellent range of soft play balls that provide hours of entertainment both indoors and outdoors. Choose from soft play balls measuring either 6cm or 7cm in diameter.

Select from a variety of colours and styles

We offer a fantastic range of trendy shades, vibrant hues, and stylish colours that make for an engaging stimulus your little munchkin will love and enjoy. Or simply choose the shades that match your décor.

Choose between sets of one colour or mix it up with over 100 colour combinations - popular shades include light blue, turquoise, pearl, and regal gold.

Pick the quantity of ball pit balls that’s best for you

We provide sets of soft plastic balls consisting of 50 to 1,200 colourful balls - we can even fulfil individual wholesale orders of ball pool balls. You can order extra plastic soft play balls to add to your little one's ball pit too.

Modern machinery enables us to accommodate the needs of our customers, guaranteeing a set of ball pit balls that are original and unique.

Why choose KiddyMoon?

We're a leading supplier of fun children’s toys in Europe. All the soft play balls we stock are made from safe, non-toxic plastic approved to meet UK safety standards, proudly bearing the new UKCA safety mark.

Get in touch with our helpful team at KiddyMoon

Unsure which soft play balls to buy for your little one? Or which size is best for their age?

Feel free to get in touch with us on 08000 705 225 or email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk, and one of our experts will answer any questions you have.

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