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Playpens for kids – hours of fun are guaranteed 

Whether your little one is eager to play or slumber, or you need to keep them distracted when preparing dinner, our children’s playpens provide a safe and comfortable space perfect for exploration and early development.

We have fabric models for all needs and aesthetics, so you’re guaranteed to find something for your child.

All our baby playpens come with a colourful set of plastic balls that stimulate creativity and provide hours of fun for children.

Playpens for toddlers support your child’s motor abilities

As your baby reaches seven months, they’ll start to crawl, which is vital in building muscle strength and developing their motor and cognitive abilities – you can aid this development by giving them an enclosed and cushioned place to crawl, stand up, and walk. Your little one can explore without the potential for accidents, grabbing your pet’s tail, and putting things in their mouth that may cause them harm.

Several motor skills can be acquired through independent play in playpens, including balance and coordination, special awareness, core stability, and reflexes.

Versatile playpens with many uses

Our playpen for toddlers has multiple beneficial uses asides from providing a safe place to play - thanks to KiddyMoon balls, you can quickly transform a playpen into a ball pit for your child to enjoy.

Playpens are also perfect for toy storage and keeping your home tidy - when not in use, toys kept inside the playpen out of sight.

Plus, thanks to their low weight and portability, you can take your fabric playpen on trips and use it as a travel bed - it only takes a few minutes to fold away and set up without tools. 

Available in a stunning range of colours and shapes

Choose between a range of baby playpen shapes including rectangular and hexagonal designs, so there’s a style for all rooms and needs. Some of our models even come with a basketball net for added fun and motor development – your child can pick up and place the included play balls through the incredibly engaging net.

The colours available can be matched to your preferences and room design – we offer shades including contemporary greys, bold blues, and vibrant pinks.

Safe and sturdy playpens for kids 

The sides of our fabric baby playpens are made from durable mesh, which enables your child to observe the surroundings and makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your toddler whilst they play.

Entrances close securely with a zipper and are designed with easy access for parents in mind. 

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If so, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team on 08000 705 225 or email us at contact@kiddymoon.co.uk and they’ll be happy to help.

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