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Playgrounds with ball pit

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Playgrounds with a ball pit

Indoor foam playground equipment

You can choose your perfect foam playground including a ball pit, several foam elements, and the colours of the balls. Using different combinations, you can adapt the shape and size to your own preferences. If you already have a ball pool with balls, you can easily upgrade by adding individual elements to your playground equipment. Whole sets with different shapes are available as well as single elements: wedge, steps, hill or ramp.

Create your own soft play area in your home

Looking for a safe and fun way to keep your little ones entertained? Then look no further than KiddyMoon's selection of soft play sets! Our collection features a variety of modules, climbing blocks, and other creative toys made of soft foam that are perfect for toddlers and kids. Enjoy hours of imaginative play with our quality soft play sets!

Are you wondering how to give some fun for your little children? How to create conditions in which the child can have hours of fun and play safely?

No doubt, many people associate the fun of a child with monkey groves, where nets, trampolines and foam ball pits with colourful plastic balls can be found.

On the other hand, parents are concerned about the crowds and hygiene of such places. Thanks to ready-made soft play set you can organize an indoor baby gym, obstacle course for kids in your own home. 

Soft modules in different shapes made of foam and covered with fabric will give hours of fun for your child. Such foam play set can be used to play, workout, build structures (like a race track for toy cars). Kids can improve their physical coordination and, at the same time, their creativity. It's a perfect toy for toddlers and little children.

With soft play sets from KiddyMoon, you can bring a safe and fun play environment for toddlers and children. Featuring foam modules, climbing blocks and other creative toys, these sets provide hours of entertainment for your little ones. Explore our collection of grey soft play sets today!

Removable cover

The materials are delicate and safe for children. Thanks to removable fabric covers you can easily clean them if necessary. Each element has a zipper, so you just take it off if necessary and use the washing machine.


Children safety is very important for us. We want to ensure, the soft play toys are safe and appropriate for little children. That is why KiddyMoon soft playgrounds have been thoroughly inspected.

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